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Joe's Checklist for Playing in Traffic

Adapted from "The Power of Being Yourself"

Playing in traffic is a nice way to think "Go engage in life. Put yourself in the mix so if anything is going to happen, you're there when it does." Joe has provided you with a short list of places where he plays in traffic.

Personalize this list so its applicable to your life. Print it. Post it. Download it. Remind yourself to get out there and Take THE MEETING!

Are You Physically Ready to Play in Traffic?

  • Join a local fitness club
  • Recreational Sports leagues like bowling, basketball, kick ball, baseball, virtually any organized sport

Take the Meeting and Connect

  • Social or business clubs like Kiwanis International
  • Visit restaurant or lunch spots
  • Find local meetup groups
  • Group travel, alumni trips
  • Connect with your spirituality

Give Back and Keep Learning

  • Volunteer for charities and causes you're passionate about
  • Attend public lectures
  • Go to concerts, TED talks
  • Join political groups & religious organizations to meet like-minded people

Go Out of Your Way to Make People Feel Good

  • Talk to People
  • Say "Hi" to people you pass on the street
  • Make Eye Contact & Smile
  • Hold a door open for a stranger
  • Call a friend to tell them you're thinking about them
  • Express Your Gratitude

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